To say that 2010 was a blur would be an understatement – it was the most amazing, blessed year on record.
To recap, my husband and I (who started the year as just ‘engaged’) tied the knot in June, had an amazing party to celebrate in September, bought our first home together in May, and conceived our little boy in late June!
I joke around that I always promised him we would start a family once we left California (check), bought a home (check), got married (check, check), and both had good jobs (well, that’s another story as of last week). In my mind, this was always my way of buying a couple more years…then, BAM! We get married on June 7th and conceived at the end of June.
Apparently the “man upstairs” made me hold to my promise!
Cheers to a great, blessed 2011 and the arrival of our bundle of joy!
What are you most thankful for in 2010?