Missing Money? Unclaimed Cash? Find your Funds in Five-Minutes!

There is nothing more irritating than losing our hard-earned money. I am not talking about the loss of funds through impulse purchases, or by slacking investments. Nor am I mentioning that time that a $20 bill fell from your hand as you were pocketing a withdrawal from the ATM. In fact, I am addressing the […]

Thrifty Thursday – Money Tips for the Formerly ‘Entitled Generation’

Less then ten years ago, saving money was honestly pretty boring to me. Yes, I saved to pay off the credit card debt that I wracked up in college, and that felt great. Once I paid off that debt, I figured that I was entitled (yes, entitled) to have some fun. Why not? I was […]

Shooting the Shot

Today was the day that I have dreaded since finding out I was pregnant nearly one year ago- the two-month checkup. Don’t get me wrong- I always enjoy seeing the doctor to make sure that my son is developing well, and to get reassurance that he is strong and healthy, but I was not looking […]

If You Write It, They Will Follow…

Although there is already a slew of online mommy blogs, I decided it would be fun to start one of my own where I could share stories, opinions, and news with other mommies out there in Cyberland. And, while I find my own company rather amusing these days (I have never found myself talking to […]

Kids’ Skechers: Shape-Up, or Ship Out?

Up until a couple of years ago, fitness experts debated between running and walking- which of these old standby’s provides the best workout? Is one better than the other for scorching calories, or for supporting your joint health?Enter Skechers, a shoe company that has seemingly been around forever. Once loved by skaters and those who […]