Not sure if this rounds up (or down) to 30 days, but I want to document my attempt at packing a five-bedroom family home up for an organized move in just over one month’s time.
Of course, closing is just 20 days from now and I have only done a few things, so time to get a crackin’ (and a packin’)

So far, I have made a few notable accomplishments:

Filing Frenzy: I went through a huge (and I mean ginormous) box of files that I have kept for upwards of ten years and shredded what I did not need. In continued glory, I did the same with my filing cabinet. I wish I documented this accomplishment with some pictures, but I literally filled out four or five trash bags with shredded paper.

Buh-bye Blankets: Knowing that I will have to change our sheets around three times in the next three weeks, and that towels will have to be washed just a little more frequently, I have decided to pack up my linen closet, leaving just a couple sets of each. I figure I might have to muster up one extra load of laundry, but seeing a nearly empty hall closet makes me happy.

Babies are Us, Home Edition: Expecting number two has made it necessary for me to go through my son’s wardrobe. Ohmigoodness he has more stuff than more small villages! I took an afternoon and sorted his clothes and items, from newborn to three months (this baby booty will go straight into the new home’s nursery), then by size upwards to 18-months. I put the stuff that is larger than three months into Space Bags to seal up, in an effort to consolidate space.

Getting our Tax on: Yikes. April 15th is just a few days away (vomit) and I am already working on my 2013 tax return! I have already made one rather large run to Goodwill, and have boxes upon boxes of stuff to take there on Monday. I am going through everything we own prior to packing it to ensure that it will be used again and is not bound to become ‘garage furniture’. I use Its Deductible, an online tracking program (that is free) to track my annual donations for ease of filing each tax season. It also ties into Turbo Tax, so it makes life less frantic when I do our family income taxes.

Free to Good Home: When we bought our house, the previous owners left an awful desk behind. I planned to paint it, but haven’t done so in three years. Instead of paying a trash hauler to come grab it, I put a listing under the “free items” section on Craigslist. We will do the same thing with an old sofa that the cat made into his makeshift scratching post, and voila: down two massive pieces of furniture – at no cost!
If these items had been in decent condition, I would have donated them to a charitable organization who offers free haul-aways, such as ARC.

So, as of April 12th these are my accomplishments. 21 days until we plan to have our movers over. Wish me luck!