I love squash- all colors, shapes, and textures. The weirder they look, the more inclined I am to try them. My husband, however, has banished all things gourd. With that said, if I buy a few pieces of squash, they will likely go uneaten and die a slow, rotting death in my refridgerator.
Enter our baby, who will gladly chow on pureed vegetables and fruit of any kind. Once I notice that produce is going uneaten, it immedaitley gets steamed, pureed, and frozen for kiddy consumption.
Now, I can buy squash at ease, knowing it will not go uneaten.

Here, a zucchini and half of a butternut squash, scrubbed with a veggie brush and produce cleaner.
These are the bad boys after a run-in with my handy-dandy peeler.
Chop, chop! Cubed into chunks, around an inch in size.
I call this the “veggie sauna”. They chill in here until they are squishy to the touch.
This is the water leftover after the steaming. If the veggies are nitrate-free, I introduce it into the mixer.
Hard to see, but my bullet is filled half-way with the leftover steamer water.
30-seconds of blending later! I always check for chunks, then blend again if necessary.
End result: 14 cubes of baby food squash.

I use a funnel to fill each slot in the ice cube tray neatly to the top. Each “cube” is approximately one ounce. I place the trays in the freezer, and when they are frozen, but not solid, I pry them out of the tray into a freezer bag and place back in the freezer.

Defrosting is a snap- using a microwave safe dish, melt an appropriate number of cubes to feed your baby. Just make sure the food is not too hot before serving.
Neat how 1 1/2 squash yields 14 ounces of baby food, right? Let’s do the math:
$2.00 for two organic squash (we used 1 1/2, so we will use $1.50 i this equation).
14 ounces = $0.107 per  homemade ounce
$0.89 for one jar (4 ounces) of organic winter squash baby food
4 ounces = $0.225 per pre-made ounce
The store-bought sauce is 208% more expensive than making it yourself!
Happy squashing!