30 Day Packing Challenge – Time to Get Moving!

Not sure if this rounds up (or down) to 30 days, but I want to document my attempt at packing a five-bedroom family home up for an organized move in just over one month’s time. Of course, closing is just 20 days from now and I have only done a few things, so time to […]

Clearly, the Glass Ceiling Exists for Women

As a hiring manager, you have two resumes sitting on top of your desk. Both applicants have glowing educational backgrounds which go as far as obtaining an MBA in a relevant field, high GPAs and years filled with solid and impressive professional experience. They are both members of local business societies and have hundreds of […]

Sketchy Sketchers Loses Lawsuit

I have been ‘dark’ for awhile, and a lot has been going on in my life. Expect future posts.Even though I have a limited number of posts, it is kind of ironic that this will be my second blog about Sketchers shoes- a brand that I have not owned since I was 17 and trying […]

Mom’s Advice to Follow: You Can Do It! Don’t Give Up!

I just found myself sitting on the couch, watching my son stick his tush in the air. He’s up on all-fours, grunting with determination… He is inches, if not centimeters, away from crawling. He has been stuck in this lull for a couple of months now, and I catch myself every day saying, “today will […]