I have never been a true cranberry fan (the band nor the fruit). Every year, I buy a can of the premade goop and lovingly splat it into a dish prior to our Thanksgiving feast.

This year, as I caroused down the aisles of Trader Joe’s (I was visiting a city lucky enough to house these gems of a grocery store), and I saw a bag of fresh cranberries. I looked at the directions to cook the little berries and decided I would try it out. I purchased two bags of the red beauties and transported them 500 miles by car for consumption.

Two days later, I simmered them in a concoction of sugar, water and orange juice to make the yummiest cranberry sauce ever. Needless to say, despite its yumminess, most of it still got thrown away.

I found the second bag lurking in the refrigerator and shrugged. Now what? I saw a two liter bottle of Diet Sprite hanging out in the back of our fridge and decided to get creative.

Cranberry infused Sprite= Yummytown USA. I soaked the berries in the soda overnight- and- voila! It was delicious and I enjoyed the sparkly potion that reminded me of turkey and holiday celebrations.

I poured a cup of the Sprite into a glass and for good measure added some orange juice. This was even better than before- it was a great mix of sweet and sour.

For an extra jolt, this could be adultified and made into an adult beverage. I am thinking that a nice vodka or liquor with an orange flavor would be delightful.

Happy sipping!