Happy Daddy’s Day to all of you fine men out there who enrich your children’s lives- it’s a tough job, although not as hard as for us mommies!
All kidding aside, you are a role model to all the little boys out there, and the overly protective softy to all of us daddy’s girls.

Thank you for all you do.

On that note, I was thinking about the things that my husband does for our little man, who is just over three-months-old. Although I will unleash a bitchstorm regarding his inability to wipe baby cereal off of the kitchen counter seconds after I polished it to perfection, or for his uncanny inability to put down the toilet seat, he is a darned good dad!

To my baby daddy, I issue the proclamation of “Number One Dad”, and its correlating top-ten list:

10) Thank you for not being horrified by breastmilk. It doesn’t even phase you when you have to reach past a shelf of the pumped stuff in order to grab a beer.
9) For recognizing that I go comatose when I nod off into dreamland. I am a total psychopath when you wake me up to feed our little man, but when my horns and tail sprout in the witching hour, thank you for not capturing the moment on videotape or holding it against me. I plead temporary insanity!
8) Even though I feared the worst and nearly pee’d the bed the first time you did this, thanks for braving random middle of the night feedings so I can get some zzz’s (see #9).
7) Remember that day you can home from work and I was in PJ’s, covered in baby barf, and I hadn’t brushed my hair since the day before (yes, “that ONE“. Let’s leave it at that.)? Remember how you demanded that I go to Costco- babyless- and, “enjoy myself”? Do you recall how I stared you down like you had two heads and told YOU to go to Costco and enjoy yourself? I am so thankful that I combed my hair, washed my face, put on adult clothes and left the house to shop. I put the teenagers on the road to shame with my blaring music and grinned at everyone inside the store. They must have thought I was wine sampling next door, but I was overjoyed by my solo time.
6) Thanks for the multitude of texts on each and every weekday to check in on us. No, the house didn’t burn down, and we still have 20 fingers and toes between the two of us, but your concern and thoughts are always appreciated.
5) Even though I constantly beg you to stop aging our son, it is so awesome how you daydream about playing ball with him and taking him to football games in the future.
4) I am the opposite of an “American Idol”, even though I love to make up songs for our kiddo.. and the cat. Thanks for not leaving the room (or breaking out the video camera) when I bust into a new version of, “Do you know the Monkey Man?” or “Life is Like a Nurricane”.
3) I was a psychohosebeast when I was carrying our bundle of joy. Thank you for not hacking up my ring finger and hitting the high-road during those blissful 40-weeks of fun.
2) Your support and sacrifice has allowed me to stay at home and raise our little man. Thank you for bringing home the bacon (even though I do all the grocery shopping).
1) Thank you for being you! Your son- and wife- are so lucky to have you (queue the canned “ahhhh” from any 90′s sitcom)

PS- to all of you men out there… remember, you wouldn’t be a daddy without your lady. So treat her to something nice today :)