“There is nothing wrong with your panels! You’re perfectly healthy,” my doctor said, smiling ear-to-ear

I met her enthusiasm with a yawn and a look of question on my face. Before I could ask her why I was sooo tired all the time, her giddiness spilt over and my universe did a complete-180:

“You’re PREGNANT!”

Not a traditional lunch break, I might add in retrospect. I snuck in a quick appointment to my doctor for a blood panel to check for anemia or a thyroid problem and I found out that my husband and I were almost ready for an unplanned “plus one”.

The rest of the day was a blur. I sat at my desk wondering how I would tell my husband that we were expecting a little bundle of baby in an unspecified period of time.

Aunt Flo hadn’t made her monthly visit in July, which didn’t necessarily alarm me. At this given point in time, I had started training for a half marathon, and the stress from my job was driving me nearly insane. I figured it was nerves and hormones keeping Flo at bay.

In fact, I had taken two home pregnancy tests in the weeks prior to seeing my primary care physician. They were administered per the instructions, at what was 6 and 7 weeks pregnant. They both came back “negative”.

I saw my OB a week later, heard my baby’s heartbeat and it was then that I became suddenly motherly!