“There is nothing wrong with your panels! You’re perfectly healthy,” my doctor said, smiling ear-to-ear

I met her enthusiasm with a yawn and a look of question on my face. Before I could ask her why I was sooo tired all the time, her giddiness spilt over and my universe did a complete-180:

“you’re PREGNANT!”

Not a traditional lunch break, I might add in retrospect. I snuck in a quick appointment to my doctor for a blood panel to check for anemia or a thyroid problem and I found out that my husband and I were almost ready for an unplanned “plus one”.

The rest of the day was a blur. I sat at my desk wondering how I would tell my husband that we were expecting a little bundle of baby in an unspecified period of time.

Aunt Flo hadn’t made her monthly visit in July, which didn’t necessarily alarm me. At this given point in time, I had started training for a half marathon, and the stress from my job was driving me nearly insane. I figured it was nerves and hormones keeping good ol’ Aunt Flo at bay.

In fact, two days prior to seeing the good doc (and the week before that) I had taken at home pregnancy tests just to be sure.

Best gag ever! Or, the best way to induce a heart attack?

Nope. Nada. Nunca. No. Negative. Negativo.

The day wore on (and on) and I finally left work to pick up my husband as we carpooled to work that particular morning.

Considering I married a man with a very short-term memory, I was surprised at how immediately he started probing me about my doctor’s appointment that day. We made it around a mile down the road before it was clear that my claims of being, “fine and healthy” were not cutting it.

Stopped at a red light in front of a King Soopers gas station, he flat out asked me, “are you pregnant?”

Out the window went my ideas of a cutesy reveal- there would be no dinner comprised of baby carrots and baby back ribs (see a theme here?). Instead, my wonderful husband found out that he was a baby-daddy in front of a gas station.

Keepin’ it classy.

Driven by shock, his initial reaction was to pull over in the next strip mall, park the car and proceed to explain why we had to go into a spa and fireplace shop at that given moment in time.

Hot tubs, fireplace inserts and all the relevant accessories at this time might as well have been alien probes and UFOs. Nothing seemed normal, everything appeared abstract.

As we left the shop with ideas about pimping out our house, reality set in just a little bit. Our next stop was the grocery store, where we stocked up on loads of healthy “preggo friendly” finds. I had vowed to get all organic when I got pregnant, and now was the time.

Sidenote: that lasted all of a few days. Afterall, Wendy’s does not offer an organic baked potato (my pregnancy shame).

All-in-all, a day I will never forget. After all, this is the day I realized that I was Suddenly Motherly!