Just as any other morning began, my boys woke up and demanded that I complete 10,000 simultaneous tasks immediately. Between diaper changes, bottles, and breakfast prep, I can hardly keep my eyes open and my body moving before I guzzle my cup of morning coffee.

Recently our faithful Mr. Coffee machine kicked the bucket and met his demise in the trashcan. When this happened, my husband and myself found ourselves relying on the Keurig single cup coffee maker that takes up a handsome post in the corner of our kitchen.

Sleek? Yes. Pretty? Yes. Good coffee. Sometimes.

This morning, the Keurig became public enemy number one when it refused to produce a full cup of coffee, despite the full reservoir and new K-cup .

The pretty blue control panel had one word displayed on it, front-and-center:


Office Space PC Load Letter

In the land of Keurigs, “Descale” = “PC Load Letter”

Fortunately, I figured out how to right this wrong years ago after my first run-in with this error message. It takes nothing more than white vinegar and a safety pin or paper clip.

It’s this simple:

  1. Empty water reservoir, fill with half white vinegar and half water
  2. Run Keurig as usual
  3. Repeat step two enough times to go through four reservoirs – trust me, you do not want to take any shortcuts here! Nothing will kill your caffeine buzz quicker than taking in a vinegarachino. Yuck.
  4. Take the unwound paper clip or safety pin and carefully poke each of the four sides of each cup-penetrating needle. There are two of these bad boys in each Keurig (they are the arrow shaped metal pieces that puncture the K-cups)
  5. Run one last clean cycle to get any grounds of the needles
  6. Enjoy your coffee (finally!!!!)

If you want to avoid the descale message of death, make a note to clean your Keurig as aforementioned once every couple of months!