Packing Paradigm: Getting Lost in Large Luggage

Four days away… just four days. My husband is staying put, so I am tasked with packing solely for myself and a 19-pound person. No biggy, right?Wrong.My parents live around 450 miles south of us, so I usually drive to their home. Packing up our large SUV is a non-issue, so I was hardly phased […]

Federal Reserve to Stay-at-Home Parents and Students: No Credit for You.

Anger, outrage, and controversy surrounds the newest stunt being pulled by banks. This does not involve a high annual fee, $5 monthly fees to access your debit card, or the predatory unfairness of high interest rate student loans (a total snafu: I typed “stupid” instead of “student” without thinking about it. My subconscious speaks). The […]

Social Selling? The Impossible Dream?

How many times have you woken up in the morning and said, “I am going to make it myself. I am a dedicated and smart person- I can be my own boss and succeed. Today. Is. The. Day.”I had those moments months ago after my son was born. Determined to make a dent in the […]