Last summer was definitely an eventful one! We moved into a new home, I was entering the last trimester of my second pregnancy, and I was getting D ready for preschool. Oh yeah, and I was working full-time as well! In addition to that, I was interviewed for a webisode that is published on the Interwebs for all the world to see (I am so famous, right?)

I was lucky enough to earn a feature role in HealthCentral‘s web series about all things birth, and I got to talk about an issue that I am passionate about: going for a vaginal delivery after Caesarean section (or “VBAC” for people who giggle or turn red when using certain words).

Filming took place at the Swedish Medical Center in Englewood Colorado, with my wonderful Certified Nurse Midwife (CNM) Nancy Acheff, and at our new house. My (then) two-year-old son was featured as well, and he loved being filmed!

To see the spot, please click on the screen below!