I have been ‘dark’ for awhile, and a lot has been going on in my life. Expect future posts.
Even though I have a limited number of posts, it is kind of ironic that this will be my second blog about Sketchers shoes- a brand that I have not owned since I was 17 and trying to pose as a skater (yes, I was enamored with that trend for all of a month. Thank goodness).

Being obsessed with health and fitness, this past week has sent me into two notable tailspins:

1) A “20/20″ episode dedicated to how celebrities are paid millions of dollars to lose weight. Rumor has it that Jessica Simpson will see a $3M pay day to take off her baby weight… Why, I oughta…

2) The Sketcher’s lawsuit- they will have to pay $40M back to their customers who bought the ShapeUp shoes in hopes of gaining a badonkadonk curvy enough to become a rap star’s girlfriend simply by walking. Remember the catch phrase, “get in shape without the gym?”
My problem with this judgement by the FTC is two-fold: people (usually) don’t buy shoes to sit on the couch. Whether or not you can get Kim Kardashian’s ass by wearing a pair of dumb looking shoes, the point is that you bought shoes to get moving!
Vent 2.2) The FTC should focus their energy on going after diet pills that are nothing more than a placebo, that give people false hope that they can get fit and healthy by doing nothing. This is an oasis for the lazy and misinformed- they are given a promise full of bikinis and pool boys just by popping a few pills a couple of times a day. The gullible fork over their cash and patiently (sit), waiting for their six pack abs to form.

When their pills arrive, they are told that the pills will work when combined with a “sensible diet” and 30-minutes of daily exercise.

**Sound of one slapping their own forehead**

Guaranteed, that the bulk of the public could shape up and lose weight simply by following a healthy diet and by integrating a reasonable amount of exercise into their daily routines. Save the money that you would spend on a placebo and buy yourself some running shoes and get moving!

Yes, I know that there are folks out there who need medications for an array of medical conditions that might hinder their weight loss efforts. In these instances, please follow your doctor’s advice. But, for the rest of us, get going!