How many times have you woken up in the morning and said, “I am going to make it myself. I am a dedicated and smart person- I can be my own boss and succeed. Today. Is. The. Day.”
I had those moments months ago after my son was born. Determined to make a dent in the family debt, I set out to find a ‘social selling’ company to partner up with. Other people might call them multilevel marketing, pyramid schemes, or the like. I think “social selling” sounds sexier, and oh-so-much friendlier, so I will use that in my pitch.

After plowing through websites, testimonials, blogs, and message boards I decided to hit the almighty ‘request more information’ button on the top of the Stella & Dot website. My heart skipped a beat. I was like a caterpillar, in the midst of a transformation to a successful female entrepreneur.
I was realistic. I knew that it would take a lot of work, branching out, and networking. I was confident that my group of friends would want to embrace my new mission in life and offer to host trunk shows at their homes.

No sir.

Two months later, I have not been able to successfully hook, line and sink one trunk show. I have had friends say they would like to host on my behalf, but the minute they see my phone number pop up on their caller ID, they flee to the basement (or so I envision). My Facebook messages go to the black hole of cyberspace, and that awkwardly silent pause that I receive when I try to book a hostess in-person is not so awkard any longer.

I have several friends who tell me that they have successfully sold through these gigs- everything from Mary Kay to Arbonne… Lia Sophia to Tastefully Simple (yummmmm).

The question is… how? Without spending more money into a business that has not shown signs of pulling out of the red, how do you get these ‘shows‘ on the road?

On a lighter note, if you feel like shopping *wink, wink*, please check out my site. The first three people to order through my blog will receive a free bracelet! (hey, I had to try).