As of today, I am six weeks pregnant. I am 14 weeks away from my mid-pregnancy scan and a mother to a wonderful boy, but I must admit that I am dreaming of evening out the household playing field with a member of Team PINK!

Instead of allowing myself to obsess and overthink the sex of my little pumpkin for the next three and a half months, I have decided to channel the infamous Old Wives Club (OWC) to see what they have to say!

Below, I will analyze various theories that the good ol’ OWC have concocted throughout the years to see if they can give me an early insight to my womb’s inhabitant.

My not-so-scientific findings (although I am inclined to setup a row of test tubes in the bathroom for follow-up research):

Chinese Calendar: The Chinese use a grid that compares your Chinese age at conception against the Lunar month that you conceived to determine if you are having a girl or boy. I used this for my son, and it was correct. For my little pumpkin, it says GIRL.

Quarter Test: Rub the side of a quarter down your cheek. If it leaves a line, boy. If it does not, girl. My left a slight indent, but not a line (BOY)… I also read this this only works for old quarters that have silver in them, and these stopped being produced in 1964. Being as I used a not-so-vintage 1984 coin, I will say this says that my little pumpkin is an (undetermined) BABY.

Red Cabbage Test: Have not done this one yet, but this test encourages you to boil half a red cabbage, drain the water, and let it cool. Take one part cabbage water and one part pee (yay, another excuse to pee in a cup) and mix them together. If the solution turns pink, a boy is in your future, and if it stays purple you are having a girl (seems like it should be the other way around). Tested on 12/4: BOY.

Baking Soda Test:  The OWC has given us yet another excuse to pee in a cup- yeeeehaw! Rumor has it that if you pee in a cup with a teaspoon of baking soda in it, it will fizz up like a soda pop if you’re swinging for team blue, or stay stagnant if bows and dresses are in your future. Mine? As stagnent as a glass of Kool Aid: GIRL. Tested again on 12/4, simultaneously with my first cabbage test: GIRL (even though the cabbage disagreed).

Hcg Levels: The only study that I could find researched if Hcg levels in women who were 10-13 weeks pregnant. Although only a fraction different, a lower level favored boys and a higher level leaned towards girls. My five-week figures are 434, which are in the low range. This would signal BOY, although it is much earlier than the timeframe researched in the aforementioned study. My pumpkin: a BABY. Update: I am actually two weeks ‘newer’ in this pregnancy than originally estimated. Therefore, the numbers are higher than I expected, and it could sway to girl. Leaving it as-is for now.

Ring Test: Place a ring (without embellishments that would weigh down one side) on a string, have someone hold it over your belly… if it spins around, girl. If it sways side-to-side, boy. Both times I had this done, it said girl, but I have a son sleeping in the other room. Based on this test, my pumpkin is a GIRL.

Morning Sickness: The OWC says that if you are worshiping the porcelain throne, you are carrying a girl. I have not joined the ranks of Pukey McPukerson yet, but I have been queasy throughout the day. If queasy = morning sickness, then I can guess: GIRL.

Mother’s Intuition: I have no problem saying “when she’s born”. When I was pregnant with my little monkey, I had daydreams that involved looking in the backseat of our SUV and talking to him, then chasing him around the yard. I knew it was a boy right away, even though I was praying for a little mini-me. This time around, I am certain that it is a GIRL.

Dreams: None yet, but I dreamt of a daughter before getting pregnant. The Old Wives say if you dream of a girl, you’re pregnant with a son and vice-versa. I will keep this updated, but as of now, I am having a BABY.

Linea Negra: If the tell-tale belly mark of pregnancy runs to your chest, you are carrying a boy. If it stops at your belly, it’s a little lady. I find this theory odd, as I did not develop this line until I was way past my mid-pregnancy ultrasound with my son. However, it did go up to my chest so it was correct. Once this line appears, I will update here. For now, prediction: BABY.

Heartbeat: Higher heartbeat (above 140): girl. Lower than 140 BPM: boy. My son’s was 180, so this did not work in the past. Today, at 7 weeks and 4 days, my munchkin’s heart rate was 166. GIRL.

Name Theory: My husband and I named our son before we were even dating (true story, future blog idea). However, we could not settle on a girl’s name to save our lives. This time around, we cannot decide on a boy’s name but have our little girl’s whole name picked out. The Old Wives Club says that if you cannot agree on a name for one sex, but have one determined for the other gender, you will bear a child of the named sex. Good thing, because “son with no name” doesn’t sound good with our last name. Prediction: GIRL.

Ramzi’s Method: If your baby’s placenta attaches on the right side of your uterus, rumor has it that you are having a boy. If she attaches on the left, it will be a girl. A study I read said that this is 97.5% accurate, although I found plenty of critics online. Before you rush to analyze your ultrasounds, remember that some pictures are taken from a weird angle, so what appears to be “right and left” on your baby’s first pictures might be opposite. Ask your sonographer what side the baby is attached, if you care to compare.
Today, I found out that the baby is attached on the left posterior side of my uterus, so…..drumroll… GIRL! This would be confusing to the untrained eye- the baby and yolk sac appear to be on the righthand side of the uterus, but my midwife set me straight :)

Acne: Women, watch out! If you are carrying a little diva, her hormones will cause your face to breakout during pregnancy, while a little boy will keep your complexion clean. Thank you, OWC. Right when I found out this Eggo was Preggo, I had a nice little influx of zits on my chin (which have since cleared). Initial guess: GIRL.

Beauty: Do little girls really suck the beauty out of their mothers during pregnancy? Only time will tell. For now, prediction says: BABY.

Legs: If your gams stay long and lean during pregnancy, you are carrying a girl. If they get bloated, you have a boy inside your womb. I don’t recall any changes in my legs while pregnant with my son, so I can’t compare this to anything, although I can proudly say I never had cankles! For now, my guess: BABY.

Shettle’s Method: Proving that females are the tenacious sex, Dr. Shettle’s theory is that sperms with the Y-chromosome (which yields baby girls) swim slower and live longer than the X-chromosome sperm, which tend to go fast and furious, but die off sooner. Baby dance before you ovulate, and abstain for a couple days and chances are you will have a girl. If this is true my Type-A self would confidently state: GIRL.

Lunar Phase: I used this link and looked at the most likely dates for conception based on my cycle in November, and all series pointed to a BABY. I am not sure what day they consider to be “conception” (doing the deed or when the sperm meets the egg), and since there were around six days when either one could have happened, I am unsure how to read this website’s results.

Cravings and Aversions: With my son, I loved all things potato (especially baked ones from Wendy’s), and I couldn’t get enough red meat (sidenote: my husband was in Heaven). I ate more than enough, and was always hungry. However, the thought of Chipotle or Garbanzo’s made my skin crawl. Early on, I gorged myself on Subway and kept myself running on Starbucks, before I knew I was pregnant.
This time around, so far I am loving salads, fruits and candy. Looking at, or thinking of, ice cream makes me want to shove my head into a wall – which is something I thought I would never say.
According to the OWC, those who crave protein and salty foods are going to birth a boy, and ones with suddenly sweet-teeth are growing a girl. I have never been a fan of chocolate or desserts, so just having a sweet tooth (even though it is not crazy) has me thinking: GIRL.

Biorhythms: Plug your birthday and estimated conception month into this chart, and read the lines to see which set corresponds:
Blue +, Red – = Boy (DS- correct)
Blue+, Red + = Boy (This PG): BOY
Red +, Blue – = Girl
Red -, Blue – = Girl

NT Scan:
I am breaking this into two parts:
Ultrasound prediction: even though I don’t see anything that looks like a nub, our sonographer gave us an 80% guess of BOY. The skull is somewhat flat in the front, which is also an old wive’s tale predicting a BOY.
PAPP-A and MoM Blood work: My results were 1.38 Papp-A and 0.82  MoM. This points to GIRL.

Acupuncture/ Pulse Theory:
Chinese medicine says if your pulse is stronger in your right wrist, a girl is on the way. Left, a boy is on the horizon. As of 14 weeks, BOY.

Let’s tally up what the Old Wives have to say….
Girl: 13
Boy: 7
Baby: 7

Although the OWCs had me ready to paint the spare bedroom pink, the sevens eventually won out and I was blessed with a second BABY BOY.

He was born in August 2013 and we are so blessed!