One of the first staples I bought when I was preparing my little one’s nursery was baby oil.
Before his arrival, I read somewhere that baby oil was not recommended to use on baby’s sensitive skin. I sat there and looked at the large jar of the stuff and wondered, “now what?”

Now, this glorified mineral oil with the feel good smell can replace many household products- and save you cash in the meantime!


Baby Oil

  • If your little bundle of joy suffers from cradle cap, gently massage baby oil onto their scalp before bedtime. The next morning, bathe your kiddo and the cradle cap will be gone! Another hint: use the gel version of baby oil for extra staying power.
  • Make your own baby wipes! Simply buy the paper towels that come in quarter sheets (or simply cut a standard roll in half and remove the roll), stack in a baby wipe container (or another airtight container) and add a mix of two cups of water, two tablespoons of baby shampoo or body wash and one tablespoon of baby oil, shake, and voila! Green, safe, and cheap baby wipes!
  • Before your bundle of joy arrives, mothers worry about being plagued with stretch marks. Many moms-to-be swear by smearing Cocoa Butter on their bellies, but baby oil does the same skin nourishing trick for a fraction of the price!


  • Add a half of a cup of baby oil to your favorite shower gel for an extra oomph of softness in the shower!
  • Avoid dry winter skin by slathering on a thin layer of oil post-shower. I traded in my high priced Neutrogena sesame seed body oil and swear by baby oil now. An added bonus: the layer of oil helps hold in your body heat!
  • Dab a dollop of baby oil onto a cotton ball, and seamlessly remove stubborn eye makeup! It doesn’t irritate your eyes, and it is far more affordable than small bottles of eye makeup remover, which cost $7 and up!
  • If you have very dry hair, and are willing to later up multiple times, you can heat up a small amount of baby oil to apply to your hair for instant moisture. You might have to wash your hair several times to remove the oil, but I have heard that the remaining sheen and shine is worth it!
  • Two words: Massage. Oil. ‘Nuff said.
  • Trade in your shaving gel or lotion for baby oil- the oil leaves your legs silky smooth, and since the oil lubricates your shaver, cuts are less likely! Just be careful not to slip and fall in the tub, because baby oil is very slick!
  • Forgo expensive foot creams and massage baby oil into your feet before bed. Cover your kicks with socks, and wake up to soft feet!


  • Love Goo Be Gone, or other products designed to eliminate life’s sticky situations? Save your pennies and use baby oil!
  • Running low on furniture polish, or other dusting aids? Add a conservative amount of baby oil to a cloth, and apply in a circular motion to your furniture. The oil helps repel dust, and naturally leaves your goods glimmering!
  • Possibly the best use for parents of toddlers and youngsters: baby oil removes gum from hair, shoes, clothing, and many other unintended places!
  • Stubborn zipper? Use baby oil to lubricate the ornery links.
  • Squeaky door driving you nuts? Skip the WD-40 and apply a dab of baby oil in the hinge and enjoy the silence (while you can).
  • Love your new purchase, but hate the looming price tag that just won’t peel off? You guessed it- slather the label with baby oil, wait a minute or two, and it will easily rub off.
  • Are your favorite leather boots looking less than stellar? While baby oil won’t add color (you will need tinted polish for that), you can simply give your leather goods their natural glow by rubbing a little baby oil into the leather’s grains. Since baby oil is mineral oil, this is safe and will not harm your cowhide.

While there are benefits to the specialty products that I am replacing by baby oil, your bank account will sing praises for these substitutions: you can buy a large, 32-ounce bottle of baby oil at the dollar store, saving you hundreds of dollars a year!

Another plus to baby oil: it smells great!

No babies were hurt in the oiling of this man.