I just came across an offer from MasterCard worth $20.00 for registering your MasterCard credit or debit card prior to shopping online!

Once you spend $200.00 on your registered MasterCard, you will receive an email with information on how to request your $20.00 gift card!

The only catch: all purchases must be made online, and by December 31st.

This is a part of their “Here’s to Mom” promotion- a catchy title that definitely caught my attention! Thanks, huge credit card company, for realizing us mommies are the ones who spend the moola and deserve the recognition for stimulating our economy!

If you are a member of SwagBucks, be sure to check out their homepage and click on the pop-up ad that appears in the bottom lefthand corner. You will earn two Swagbucks for enrolling for the MasterCard holiday promotion! If you are not a member of Swagbucks, please click here to sign up!

Click here to register for your free $20 from Mastercard! Happy shopping, and holidays :)